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Justice For Chyanne was born May of 2008 in honor of our owner's daughter,Chyanne who is now three years old. As you go though the pages you will see and read the story of one mother's fight to save her daughter, the fight she still fights everyday to bring her daughter home. Chyanne's story starts back in August of 2007 when Chyanne, along with her mom, Heather moved back to Maryland from Virgina.They moved in with Chyanne's godfather and his new wife, who offtered to help them in time of need. The wife apparenty did not appove the way Heather took care of her daughter and lived her life and took it upon herself to deem Heather unfit. She made it her personal vendetta to get Chyanne away from Heather, with no vaild reason, just incidences she conjured up in her mind. Unfortunately, she was able to get her information, however slanted, in the hands of the wrong people and inevitably Heather would lose her daughter and would not be able to see her daughter again till she is able to get a court order. Can you imagine being a loving mother one day, and the next day having your baby snatched from you and not being able to see her until a judge says it's ok?   

As you read Heather's and Chyanne's story, you will say to yourself how can this happen? You will see they took Heather's rights and never gave them back. The sad and scary truth is, this happens everyday  in this USA we call home. As you look though the pages you will see that things were twisted, overturn and swept under the carpet. Not one person ever stepped up to the plate to say this is wrong, or to just stop this nonsense. This is a story of a mother's love and her fight to get the truth out, a story of one mother's fight to never give up no matter what the cost. Over these pages you will see the thoughts and feelings of a mother and what she goes though everyday trying to get her daughter back, or at least be able to be a part of her life again. Her blog will make you cry and laugh all at the same time. Please take your time and look over the pages. If you have any questions, thoughts,comments or concerns, there will be a place you can email them to. And most importantly, if you think you can help Heather with anything at all please let us know.

Thank You

Justice For Chyanne

A Love Between A Mother And Child Can Never Be Broken!

When you think you are down and out and you can't take anymore, just remember that child you brought into this world will always love you no matter what!

She Has My Heart And Soul!

She Has My Love

The joy you brought into my life is more then I can ever tell you. The love that I have in my heart for you, you will never know how deep it goes, till the day you have your own child.